How to Do a Free Patent Browse

With a little assistance, carrying out a license search on your own is simple and also cost-efficient as well as such cost savings can be applied to the preparation and drafting of a patent application covering your innovation.

Doing a license search is the most dependable means of finding whether any type of similar patents or applications exist, which might pertain to your innovation or could impact the end result of your own patent application. Being equipped with this previous details known as 'prior art' serves two purposes:

1. It aids to establish the likelihood of your invention obtaining protection in the United States Patent & Trademark Workplace (USPTO) as well as whether you need to invest cash in loading a patent application.

If an obstructing patent is found throughout your search this will certainly conserve you the expenditure of an application or worse having submitted and paid for a patent application as well as the USPTO locates the exact same blocking license throughout their search.

2. Info in the prior art can aid work as a guide in composing your application.

You will have the ability to focus the drafting of your application on the improvements as well as features of your invention not formerly revealed in the previous licenses and also published applications.

The procedure for conducting a license search has two steps:

1. Carrying out the patent search

Conducting the search Yourself - Check out the USA License & Hallmark Office (USPTO) patenting an idea at or Google Patents at and carry out keyword searches on key words pertinent to your development. If you choose to utilize an expert service, you might still choose to perform a preliminary pre-screening yourself. Using your keywords, you will promptly see if someone copyrighted your innovation prior to you.

Utilizing a Professional US License Service - An U.S. search solution executes either a manual or an electronic evaluation of the physical records at the USPTO, and they might ask for a conference with a USPTO Supervisor to perform a professional and complete search in your place.

Keep in mind to authorize a non-disclosure agreement before revealing your invention to an U.S. company. After the solution is full, you will get a pile of relevant US patents and also license applications for your testimonial.

2. Testimonial and examine the previous art recommendations uncovered in step 1

When you have completed the search and located patents and/or license candidates appropriate to your creation, you How can inventors benefit from InventHelp services? can start your analysis.


* Evaluation each license and application located in your search. Seek the components, functions, benefits as well as enhancements provided in your Document of Invention.

* In particular, review each pertinent United States patent and also application, searching for details on aspects, functions, benefits as well as improvements pertinent to your creation.

* Thoroughly testimonial, in order, the title, abstract, short recap, and the illustrations in the patent for first explanation as well as understanding regarding whether appropriate to your innovation.

* If identified to be relevant, review the entire patent or application to completely understand the extent of the disclosure and also recognize aspects in the illustrations by composing the element name on the drawings.


* Use 2 highlighters, one shade to keep in mind components, attributes, benefits as well as improvements similar to your creation and an additional color to keep in mind elements, features, advantages and also enhancements which are dissimilar or educate something different from your invention.

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